Where to begin

Let it be, pause, step away Abandon all expectations, beliefs of how it should be. Inhale. Let there be space, observe See yourself being moved, grooves of the subconscious. Exhale. Release, flow into the moment Detach from the, it has to be, step into the field of possibility. Listen. To the wisdom of your breathContinue reading “Where to begin”


A gully slopes down from a raised hip bone, rises toward the ridge of a resting arm. Fingers brush across mythical piano keys, curving along a cheek. The brown savannah of your back, seduce my senses, with a promise. Stay beyond tomorrow. I blanket your body with my aching limbs, drawing my strength from aContinue reading “Tuesday”

Life Memoirs

Life pens its memoirs in the fine lines of a contented but decaying body. Each stroke an epitaph to a chapter and a manifestation profoundly lived. Crafting deep passages on moments full of authentic friendship and love. Purple ink transforming crude judgment into the embrace of a shared humanity. Drafting a final chapter on theContinue reading “Life Memoirs”