The child becomes the man and, the man carries the child. The future becomes the now and, the now grips onto yesterday. The moment grows into a life and, the life unravels in a moment. The end just another beginning and the beginning simply an ending. The pursuits we sacrifice for and, the sacrifices weContinue reading “Pause”


Die mis gooi ń dik vreeskombers oor die oeroue Jakkalsputz woestyn sand. Die donker donkerte jaag selfs die windjie sy moer in, oor ver toorende berg duine. Velore heimwee neem ń plek by die vuur, moepanie hout flame dans ń polka dans, stoei diep rooi teen ń eindelose swart nag. Mense staar verlore na ńContinue reading “Jakkalsputz”

I’m still here

Your pure cotton shirt catches the wind, unfurling a sail on a mediterranean road. With a bright sunny nonchalant freedom you toss away words, happy apple cores. Be yourself, share yourself, be vulnerable, each a final testament of an impossibility. I cast a smile at your brown eagle eyes, the warrior in me bravely chiselingContinue reading “I’m still here”

Paper Cranes

I hang my hope on the wings of wild paper cranes. Dancing regally in the wailing white winter snow. I pray to the gods of the forsaken and the unbelievers. Living in a darkened land of black and white desolation. I bend my tired fingers around the folds of a thousand words. Bringing you backContinue reading “Paper Cranes”

To have and to hold…

This is the question I have. How do we find a balance between the commitment we made to have and to hold in sickness and in health and living in an environment that is not good for us? Whether it hurts us spiritualy, emotionally or physically. Perhaps it is as simple as living an environmentContinue reading “To have and to hold…”