Paint in the colour of sweat falling
from the toiling labour on the field
Tell me of the colour of cold tears
wailing the suffering of a child lost
Speak the colour of gushing blood
from wounds inflicted by brothers

Recount for me the colour of eyes
holding the gaze of faith and hope
Recite for me the words of fathers
to sons off to the slaughter of war
Sing for me a song of resurrection
from this stone tablet of your god

Laugh in the familial happy voices
rising from the broken bread tables
Write to me about paradoxes of love
on the old white skins of fallen trees
Feel me in the embracing kindness
of the newly awakened friendships

Life Memoirs

Life pens its memoirs in the fine lines
of a contented but decaying body.
Each stroke an epitaph to a chapter
and a manifestation profoundly lived.
Crafting deep passages on moments
full of authentic friendship and love.
Purple ink transforming crude judgment
into the embrace of a shared humanity.
Drafting a final chapter on the gratitude
of being invited back home, to ourselves.