Dark Night

Allow your face to crack
contort and disfigure itself
As the fountain of sorrow
bursts forth from your eyes

Allow your lips to bend
stretch and melt with grief
As tears form salty rivers
on your translucent cheeks

Allow your heart to feel
the tearing crack of breaking
As rockslides of sacred moments
crash down on your chest

Do not stop the fearful darkness
from throwing its’ cloak over you
As the last light of hope dances a
swan song on the wall of your mind

Stand in abandoned emptiness
wretched and deformed human
As you embrace your silver chalice
with its’ cold and red bitter poison

Be still in the face of your torturous demons allowing your end to come
As your wounded arms embrace the
companions who are no longer there

Allow this dark night of the soul
the path to a different brighter light
As you unfold your wings in a new sun reflecting in eyes with different sight


In the exhale
I inhale
this defeat
So suddenly this grey
driving the colours away
The blues go cold
Embers in the rain
So suddenly this rain
In the dark and empty streets
Echoing your name

For too long
This holding on
Too familiar with the fighting
This letting go
of your warmth
So suddenly this rain
and the greys echoing your name
Embracing the shattering emptiness
I stand alone
in this rain