You – I – We


You took me in and became home.
You held me and became safety.
You listened and became healing.
You smiled and became joy.


I love you but do not possess you.
I hold you but do not bind you.
I want you but do not need you.
I am you but do not complete you.


There are two souls dancing on the mirror of the quiet windless ocean.
There are two whole hearts beating steady in each other’s keeping.
There are two minds building the cobbled stone path to wisdom.
There is you and I on this one journey into the beautiful unknown.


I’ve worn you, my beloved cloak of grief, for so long, a companion.
Dark and musky I carried you with me, until you felt like skin, my skin.
My mind grew attached to you, the thought of letting go a betrayal.

Precious fabric, woven with cords drawn from deep within me.
Painted on your sleeves, a colourful remembrance of my tortured past.
I thought I swore an oath to you, by faithful sacrifices of bountiful tears.

I sensed the slightest change, a bloom, a message of the seasons.
The smallest ray of sunshine on that gray and gloomy rainy day.
Becoming aware of your heaviness, weighing me down, uncomfortably.

I touched your ivory buttons, feeling it between my cold fingers.
I felt the delicate images, lovingly carved on them, irrelevant now.
I heard your cries, as I unbuttoned, first one then another, slowly.

There was a painful tearing of flesh as I removed you from my back.
The act of letting go drawing blood from my ever faithful soul.
Claws of fear clutching frantically at my heart, what am I without you?

Your powerful addictive pulse calling out, desperately reaching.
I knew not to look back at you, but rather turn my face toward the sun.
Shining softly on the faint smile creeping onto my worn out face.

Black Forest Cake

The taste of the dark chocolate cake on the lips and beard of his beloved dissolved the world.

The entire universe held its breath as time took a silent pause
at the edge of eternity

remembering the moment when the sun looked in and saw the chocolate covered hands of love

and eyes bright like a clear blue sky disappearing in pools of golden honey and chocolate

create a moment of serenity and love so beautiful it left new marks on the ancient hands of time.

White linen bed

Soft is the white
like feathers of an angel
wings spread open wide

Warm is the white
like the glow of a fireplace
flames casting light

Home is the white
like the arms of my love
embracing me at night

Hope is the white
like the doves of peace
taking flight

Laughter is the white
like brown chocolate stains
on linen soft and bright

Bliss is the white
like the body of a lover
moving with delight


Here the soldier rests
Here the poet writes
Here the artist dreams
Here the wounded heals
Here the lover feels

Should you abandon that white
don’t leave it waiting, aching, lonely
burn it to ashes, black not white.


How did I miss you in the passage of time, sliding doors to another reality?

How do words and laughter become silent echoes of lost possibilities?

Why do I feel such an aching grief for someone that was never mine?

How do I say goodbye and let you go when you were never here with me?

I open my heart and let you see that I wish for you the love I could never be.