The River

Down the centre of the borderlands, in the no mans land between what we believe we want and what we truly desire, runs a river.

It’s a river of revelation of purification and discernment, in which everything without a true anchor will be swept away into oblivion.

Its waters softly whispers deception, bringing confusing, testing the strength and the clarity of our professed and heartfelt needs.

Sending torrents of water to engulf us as we cling to the anchors of our so-called hopes and dreams, the things we believe might sustain us.

When waters turn so cold that it burns our skin like a fire, shooting pain into our desperate fingers as we cling onto the securities we built.

In the moment when relief comes, believing it is all done and tested, the demons of our worst fears attack from the dark depths below.

In the pain and exhaustion, we release, we let go but are held as if by a supernatural force, the anchor of our true unburdened beautiful selves.

Published by Yaku Potgieter

Live Simply

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