The Construct

A castle made of stone.
Build on blood and bone.
One layer after the other.
I see you father, mother.

I feel the rope around my wrist.
It burns and cuts as my arms I twist.
Drags me along a path so strange.
Until it becomes my familiar stage.

Eyes wide open, I walk on blindly.
Cruelty, cool indifference looks kindly.
Here I try to catch an empty wind,
hollow echoes of love is all I find.

In a single flash the reality shatter.
The me I never was start to scatter.
In the quietness of an ocean pool,
I see that me, it was a fool.

One layer after the other.
I say goodbye father, mother.
Removing every single stone,
Until what is left is the unknown.

Published by Yaku Potgieter

Live Simply

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