The bluest forever eyes built me a home
from little make believe pieces of eternity.
In the soft glow of a brittle brick fireplace
undressed my scar riddled vulnerability.
It took a quilt sewn together with laughter
to warm my soul in exchange for a heart.

The fullest round bending forever lips
left soft chocolate promises on my skin.
In a comforting white goose feather fort
wiped dry, brown tear-filled pools of grief.
With graceful patients unbound the words scribed on the walls of a secret temple.

The brave soldier and guardian of a home
looked at a dark foreboding storm coming.
Watched as the thundering black clouds
stole sacred words and a quilt of laughter.
Pure crystal tears from blue forever eyes
for an empty soul without a heart to love.

Published by Yaku Potgieter

Live Simply

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