Eli Eli Lama Sabachtani

Eli Eli lama sabachthani. At the table of bread and love we shared Eli Eli lama sabachthani. In the garden of tears and futile prayers Eli Eli lama sabachthani On the soft lips of a betrayer friend Eli Eli lama sabachthani. Echoing in words drifting across a fire Eli Eli lama sabachthani. On the cuttingContinue reading “Eli Eli Lama Sabachtani”

I Am A Battlefield 

I see my fingers unfurl like a flower Planting my banner in battle blood I see the empty bowls of my hands Plunging into water crystal pure I see black birds circling like a wind Calling peace down their hollow beaks My companion, silence, waits for me Knowledge speaks to me in silence Wisdom findsContinue reading “I Am A Battlefield “