The Practice of Now

I saw a single word dropping silently into a quiet and unimportant moment. Where it cut through the dark surface of the still and reflective pond of I am. Rippling a perfect pause of awareness between a breath a sound and a to do. Drawing forth with calm effortlessness the light of being present toContinue reading “The Practice of Now”

Light and Dark

How long will you demand this veil? This mask of superficial purity, white? I want to rip into this suffocating lace. Tear it from my tortured beaten face. Revealing black haunted eyes to light. How long must this macabre act prevail? Come to me my lost and reprobate angel. Liberate me with your love inContinue reading “Light and Dark”

That Thing

That thing lay trembling on a cold floor The final desolate implosion of despair Alone Forsaken It called for succour but you did not hear It offered a hand to the abyss you crafted Weeping Terrified That thing grew ancient and then perished there The closing recital from the ghoulish elegy of faith Silent LifelessContinue reading “That Thing”