The bluest forever eyes built me a home
from little make believe pieces of eternity.
In the soft glow of a brittle brick fireplace
undressed my scar riddled vulnerability.
It took a quilt sewn together with laughter
to warm my soul in exchange for a heart.

The fullest round bending forever lips
left soft chocolate promises on my skin.
In a comforting white goose feather fort
wiped dry, brown tear-filled pools of grief.
With graceful patients unbound the words scribed on the walls of a secret temple.

The brave soldier and guardian of a home
looked at a dark foreboding storm coming.
Watched as the thundering black clouds
stole sacred words and a quilt of laughter.
Pure crystal tears from blue forever eyes
for an empty soul without a heart to love.

The Memory Maker

I’m watching
the memory maker bleeding words
onto white cotton paper
from his dark quill of memories
sitting with a bow bent back
at the oak wood table of creation
stained by the lonely tears of history.
Seeing if
the candle of hope in his heart
dripping white wax onto dark ink
will survive the cold south wind
tucking at his old worn brown coat
touching the floor with a tenderness
from a distant time when all was new.

The Book of Emotions

The exhale of your sigh
ran the breadth of the desert
creating a wind to carry
gold, yellow and copper
pieces of sand
that whipped the letters
from the book of emotions
you dropped
at the oasis of alchemy
and blew them over my cheeks
in words of love and vulnerability
where I lay in the shade
of the tree of possibility
smiling at my stubborn refusal
to send them back to you.


Life breaks through fault lines
in wild acts of defiant rebellion.
It paints its wilful disobedience
in rainbows over the desert sand.
Dark cold and abandoned corners
swirling in flames of fiery passion.

Life builds bridges for the future
with the tearful bricks of failure.
It stubbornly refuses hopelessness
with bright green shoots in black ash.
Using its wounded bleeding hand
to rescue the broken dying man.

Life waits with imperfect silent wisdom
to create a perfect miraculous moment.
It builds a peaceful harmonious flow
in the chaotic rhythms of the savannah.
It refuses to be bound humiliated tamed
every time a new breath joyfully cries.

The Funeral 

Bells of pure and ornate crafted gold,
cast their hypnotic vibrating spells
on the hollow silence of a red brick hall.
Soft remnants of fragrant grey clouds
drift up with slow ease, from incense,
to the open air of dark wooden beams.
Light breaks into fragmented colours,
from a single enchanting mosaic window,
onto a spartan coffin resting on the floor.

One lonely soul kneels on cobblestone,
folded hands, hooded head bowed low,
mournful guilty face obscured by shadow.
Softly, slowly, chanting starts and grows,
from full cracking pleading bleeding lips,
rolling rhythmically into a red brick hall.
Calling on radiant transfiguration of light
to illuminate a new path past his coffin
away from these bells, the smoke the night.

Dark Night

Allow your face to crack
contort and disfigure itself
As the fountain of sorrow
bursts forth from your eyes

Allow your lips to bend
stretch and melt with grief
As tears form salty rivers
on your translucent cheeks

Allow your heart to feel
the tearing crack of breaking
As rockslides of sacred moments
crash down on your chest

Do not stop the fearful darkness
from throwing its’ cloak over you
As the last light of hope dances a
swan song on the wall of your mind

Stand in abandoned emptiness
wretched and deformed human
As you embrace your silver chalice
with its’ cold and red bitter poison

Be still in the face of your torturous demons allowing your end to come
As your wounded arms embrace the
companions who are no longer there

Allow this dark night of the soul
the path to a different brighter light
As you unfold your wings in a new sun reflecting in eyes with different sight


In the exhale
I inhale
this defeat
So suddenly this grey
driving the colours away
The blues go cold
Embers in the rain
So suddenly this rain
In the dark and empty streets
Echoing your name

For too long
This holding on
Too familiar with the fighting
This letting go
of your warmth
So suddenly this rain
and the greys echoing your name
Embracing the shattering emptiness
I stand alone
in this rain